Living in L.A. 

For those of you who may not know, I moved to L.A. last summer! Sorry I haven't kept you all updated, but for the past 9 months or so, I've just been taking this big city in and playing the part of the observer for many months now. I guess that's how I like to roll. But it's been about 9 months (hmmm coincidence?) and I'm feeling more ready to jump into life here!
I may seem quiet these days, but I have been working on some new projects. I'm recording a few new songs as well as co-writing with others and I've played a few mini shows in town, with one coming up at the end of June (so come out if you're here:D)

L.A. is a huge and sometimes overwhelming city, but it's got a lot to offer and a very vivacious vibe that I haven't felt in other places! This is why I am really a fan, although I'll admit, sometimes the small town girl in me wants to retreat to a cozy shire. But this is a great place for me to grow and become more confident and dare to be more visible than I have been in years! As they say, go big or go home right?

If you haven't already , check me out on Instagram @nitachawlamusic and Twitter @nitachawla for updates, mini cover videos and other quirky, odd things I do. Hope to keep you updated on life here more regularly now....


New Video! "Black and Gold" Cover w/Valerie Broussard 

Hey All,

I am so excited to present the first video of a collab video series I'm doing this year! For this first video, I recorded with talented singer/performer/songwriter Valerie Broussard (! Check out our mashup of "Black & Gold" (Sam Sparro), Careless Whisper (George Michael) and Habit (Tove Lo) ! "Black & Gold" - Sam Sparro (Acoustic Cover). Stay tuned for more collabs/mashups and originals with talented singers and musicians in the DMV and beyond!


Check Out My Online Store!  

Hey everyone!

I'm really excited to let you know that I have an online store now! You can purchase either one of my albums AND/OR hand-knit winter scarves (yes by yours truly)! Check them out by clicking on the "store" link above, or by clicking here: Nita's Store. Shipping is FREE through the end of the year and scarves are only $25…not bad…!:)

I hope you all have a very happy holiday indeed. Having said all that, even though it's fun to give and receive gifts…make sure you don't stress yourself out and enjoy what's really important over the holidays, i.e. spending time with your loved ones :)  Much love always...


Beats For Bangladesh: A Benefit Album 

Hey All,

I wanted to let you know about this project that I'm honored to be a part of. Producer Brooklyn Shanti and Activist Tanzilla Ahmed have put together a benefit album in support of the Bangladeshi factory collapse that took place not too long ago. You can now download Beats for Bangladesh: A Benefit Album In Solidarity with the Garment Workers of Rana Plaza for a donation of $15 or more.

Download Album:
For More Info:

Proceeds of the album will go to the on-the-ground organization Bangladeshi Center for Worker Solidarity through the Washington DC based 501c3 organization International Labor Rights Forum.

Beats for Bangladesh: A Benefit Album In Solidarity with the Garment Workers of Rana Plaza is a benefit album that has brought together South Asian artists from across the United States and beyond with the goal of raising awareness about the working conditions that Bangladeshi workers continue to endure and to raise funds to support these workers.

Presented by the music blog Mishthi Music, the album has been executive produced and curated by world reknowned hip-hop artist Brooklyn Shanti, and political activist/writer Tanzila ‘Taz’ Ahmed.


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